From June 2009 to June 2010 I had the privilege of Driving an All Electric MIMI E for a year, it was a great experience, and got me hooked on electric cars. I've since moved on to other electric cars which I will blog about.

Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Weeks with #304

Well its been a very short 2 weeks with MINI E #304 we've racked up 642 miles together and although charging with the 120v cable can be a pain I'm really enjoying this car, just would like people to realize this is an electric car.

Last weekend I went to my fiancee's house again, there have been a number of biking events in the Philadelphia area lately and we have to goto those. The drive was uneventful, but I wanted to charge the MINI E at her house without having to move the cars all around, so I tried using an extension cord, after about 4 hours charging I noticed a burning smell coming from the outlet, I quickly unplugged things the smell seemed to be coming more from the plug end of the extension cord then anything. The next day we switched the cars arround blocking my MINI E in for the weekend, and charged from the same outlet without an extension cable, without a problem, this is the same outlet we'd used the week before. I was a bit surprised about this as it was a brand new 12 guage 25' extension cord rated for 120v 15A the best that I'm aware of, I guess we just arnt going to be able to drive the MINI E at her house as changing cars arround every time we need to use it is a pain.

Here are some figures for all you math nuts who want to know exactly what the range numbers I've been seeing are. You'll notice a number of the shorter rides have some very low or high numbers, I tend to discount these shorter drives as not giving a true estimate. While the overall Average Range is 103 miles, if we droped all drives less then 40 miles we get an Average Range of 108 miles on a full charge, or at least until the gauge says 0%, the car is suppose to drive beyond that at a reduced rate, but I havent tested it

DateMiles driven Starting charge Ending Charge % charge per mile Range Estimate Starting Miles to go Ending Miles to go Starting odm Ending odm
8-Jun 17.4 100% 85% 0.86% 116
83 35
home from Dealer
8-Jun 21.1 88% 66% 1.04% 96

to mall
9-Jun 59.2 95% 40% 0.93% 108 93 41

work and erands
47% 26%

27 133
to dealer
10-Jun 27.3 100% 74% 0.95% 105 108 82

home from dealer
11-Jun 36.7 99% 66% 0.90% 111
214 to work
12-Jun 77.6 100% 31% 0.89% 112 114 36
292 to Fiancee's drove conservitively
13-Jun 5.3 87% 79% 1.51% 66

15-Jun 76.5 100% 29% 0.93% 108 108 27 301 378 Home from Fiancee's
16-Jun 47.8 100% 55% 0.94% 106 100 58

17-Jun 58.8 100% 43% 0.97% 103 108 45

18-Jun 34.2 79% 41% 1.11% 90 84 42
19-Jun 77.7 100% 27% 0.94% 106

to Fiancee's
22-Jun 76.5 100% 31% 0.90% 111 103 32 601 677 Home from Fiancee's


  1. Good table, Robert. But green background???

  2. it's not easy being Green :)

  3. About the extension cord. A 12 gauge cord should certainly suffice, I buy them for the poer tools in the shop also. However on the kind with molded plugs they have sometimes a bad connection inside the plug, in which case we cut the plug off and replace it with a "Hubbel" plug.
    Any good hardware store has them.

    Sounds like you are having fun, we have a Mini also albeit not an "E".

    Regards, Pete