From June 2009 to June 2010 I had the privilege of Driving an All Electric MIMI E for a year, it was a great experience, and got me hooked on electric cars. I've since moved on to other electric cars which I will blog about.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First MINI E delivered

Congratulations to Peter Trepp,

The very first MINI E Pioneer to receive his car #111 on Friday May 22nd
Read his blog about the experience and a article on USA Today

Hope to be seeing more notices about others receiving their MINI Es soon.


  1. Hey Robert - I'm about a week away from getting my car. Please add my blog to your site as I'd like to stay in touch as this exciting trial gets under way - MINIWINK.COM - happy motoring in the Ultimate Green Driving Machine!

  2. M Wink,
    sure thing, I've added your site to my list, glade to help out anouther MINI E Pioneer and blogger.

  3. Robert - the link to MINIWINK.COM seems to be funky - looks like their may be a misspelling on the entry URL - thanks and best regards - mw

  4. M Wink,
    yea there is something strange with the RSS pointer to your site, it works fine at linking to your posts, but fails with the title page.
    Do you know what address I should be using for the RSS feed? I'm using

  5. Hi, We were the lucky recipients of #035 on Tuesday. We live in Newport Beach, CA and it is great for cruising PCH. Hope you get yours soon:)