From June 2009 to June 2010 I had the privilege of Driving an All Electric MIMI E for a year, it was a great experience, and got me hooked on electric cars. I've since moved on to other electric cars which I will blog about.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet the MINI E

Got an email from MINI that they are planning a get together with other people in the MINI E field trial or as they like to call us MINI E pioneers. This will be on May 13th in NYC and from what I've heard May 5th in LA.

The Guest speakers will be Marc Alt and Partners

Program highlights will include:
Sneak Peak and orientation of the MINI E
a special presentation from an environmental expert
Open discussion with the MINI USA management team

I'm really looking forward to this, going to have to write up a few questions to ask, already have a couple ideas.


  1. Hi,
    just went to the NY Auto Show where they have a Mini E (#149) on display. Interestingly the ladies behind the Mini counter were distributing postcards saying “We’re looking for a few more Mini E Pioneers to join our group in a 1-year Field Trial.” Looks like given the economy they are running short on people willing to pay $850 plus tax (I guess $60) plus liability insurance (in my case around $65), for a total of around $1000. I am debating with myself whether I should stick around or rather “pull the plug” given that the electricity the Mini E will run with isn’t coming from green sources.
    Any thoughts?


  2. Hi Klaus,
    I considered these things long and hard before making my decision to go electric, you can see my full write up on the Costs of the MINI E here

    I agree the price is too high, should be arround $550 I think, I dont know if you live in NY or NJ, in NJ there is no sales tax on Zero Emission vehicles, and you can buy your electricity from Renewable energy providers. My Liability insurance is only $320 for the year, so I dont consider those things major deterrents.
    As with anything you have to as yourself why is this for me?
    for me, its about Testing a new technology, supporting the development of green technologies and alternatives to oil, and about not buying oil from countries that are antagonistic towards the US. And driving a cool car.

  3. Hi Robert,
    I live in NY (Westchester County), so I get to eat the NY state tax. I checked on the liability (my problem was I didn't have a VIN, but now I have one from the display vehicle at the NYAS) and it gets me down to 300 as well. But it is still $950 per month, a long shot from what the Berlin trial is charging their participants, which is $520. The main differenceis that in Berlin participants need to use charge stations that are positioned around the city. But I sense you can not just leave it to be charged in your garage. So that's a disadvantage.
    I also see your motivation for signing up for the lease, I just think an Aston Martin for the same price (longer lease though) gets me much more fun....



  4. Klaus,
    an Aston Martin, is a bit of a stretch, a no money down one year lease on a new car at $850 is comparable to a $50K car and you'd have to pay for collision insurance, and Gas Hog tax, and maintenance , and of course GAS, all things you don't need to pay for with the MINI E.
    In Germany, the city of Berlin and the electric utility company are subsidizing the cost of the MINI E field trial, I don't see the state of New Jersey and JCP&L doing the same thing here, but it would be nice.