From June 2009 to June 2010 I had the privilege of Driving an All Electric MIMI E for a year, it was a great experience, and got me hooked on electric cars. I've since moved on to other electric cars which I will blog about.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Field Trial range expanded

I got an email from BMW inviting me to join the MINI E field trial, guess their Database isnt upto date. They had a list of requirements and they have changed them a bit. The new requirements state you must be within 110 miles of a participating dealer, I think it use to be 50 mile. While it doesnt state it I think this would mean if you live in Philladelphia or Connecticut and are willing to buy your car out of state you could be in the Field Trial. Also they dont mention the need for a Garage, I dont know if this is an omission or maybe they oked installing the Chargers outdoors now, this would really help those people who have a detached garage with little power, assuming they can park close to the house. This would be perfect at my fiancee's place, I wonder if I can talk them into installing a second charger at her place:)

MINI E: 100% Electric, Zero Emissions MINI.


BMW Group EfficientDynamics is the principle behind every vehicle we manufacture. It stands for reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. It also represents innovative thinking, which doesn’t always come just in the form of a BMW. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to another member of our family, the MINI E.

You’re invited to apply to participate in a 1-year Field Trial for the first 100% electric, zero-emissions MINI. As a MINI E Pioneer, you would be instrumental in shaping the future of MINI and BMW Group EfficientDynamics and, quite possibly, the future of motoring itself. Your experiences, opinions, and feedback could help bring us one step closer to a practical transportation alternative that has the potential to run on clean, renewable energy, without compromising any of MINI’s world-famous handling.

To be selected, among other criteria, you must meet the following:
* You must live within 110 miles of a participating MINI E dealer.
* You must have a daily round trip commute of no more than 110 miles.
* You’ll have to sign a one year closed end lease* which is $850 a month**
(includes collision coverage).
* You’ll need to agree to have a wall box to charge the MINI E installed in your home.
* You’ll need to return the car and the charging wall box at the end of the Field Trial program.
* You have to be licensed to drive a motor vehicle for 5 or more years and have a clean driver’s license.
* You’ll have to agree to bring the MINI E to your MINI E dealer for scheduled maintenance and a status check up at 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, and at 6 months or 8,000 miles, whichever comes first.
* You’ll have to agree to provide reasonable feedback about MINI E ownership experiences to MINI USA and affiliated research teams. Feedback methods include filling out surveys and maintaining an online log book.

Availability is limited so if you think you have what it takes to be a MINI E Pioneer, contact a participating MINI E dealer to apply today.

»Visit MINI-E.COM for dealer listings and more information about the Field Trial

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  1. Hi Robert,

    all this shows is that they are outof control- reading the other blogs it appears that Mini USA is desparate finding trial particpants, as these participants now realize how stiff the lease is and that, in addition to that they have to come up with an electrical upgrade. So now Mini is addressing municipalities with like Manhattan Beach, CA and Morristown, NJ to lease up to 10 vehicles for $10 (ten) a month. To me, that definitively kills the project as I am already paying taxes like a maniac so I am not going to subsidize the municipalities writing traffic tickets and alike. The postcard that I got on the NYAS mirrors the same issue- thereis not enough people willing to spend $12,000 plus electrical upgrade to "test drive" a vehicle that they can not buy out of the lease. And the lease is at 7.4%, which is high enough to turn me away already. And there is no tax credit.
    I am on the verge of pulling the plug